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About me

Harry James BA

I am very much a dog person who has unfortunately never had the opportunity to own one. Unfortunately my father has an allergy to pretty much every animal under the sun so I have been deprived of dog affection my whole life... BUT NO MORE.

My passion for animals and in particular dogs has been fuelled from an early age, with a veterinary nurse/dog walker for a mother and a godmother specialising in canine behaviour, I have been brought up around animals from a very young age. I started helping my god mother with puppy training classes at the age of 5 and have developed a valuable insight into animal behaviour and methods to keeps dogs engaged during my photo-shoots to stop them losing interest.

After graduating with a BA Hons Degree in Photography from Plymouth University in 2017, I decided I wanted to pursue my photography career and combine it with my passion for animals. I decided to branch out into natural pet photography, capturing each individual dogs personality whether it's playful and energetic or sometimes casual and down right lazy.

I prefer to photograph dogs outside, I find this allows them to behave in a more relaxed and calm manner, and let their true personality shine through.

Every dog is unique in their own way and I pride myself on taking photographs that capture your individual dogs personality. Once your photo is on your wall. it is something to treasure for the rest of your life.


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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